Svetlana Zwetkof is a sculptor/musician/papermaker and digital/sound/video artist. She lives in San Antonio, TX, where she works in her backyard, on her couch, at the Southwest School of Art, on her friend’s couch, on stage, in the audience, in college libraries she’s not supposed to be in, at the kitchen table, at her friend’s kitchen table, and on long car rides, with a lot of squinting into the distance and scrunching of the eyebrows.

In various other people’s houses and places she’s not supposed to be working, Svetlana scrunches her brows and forces her full voltage into material. Ultimately the material gives in. The material world (in its vast entirety, seemingly solid), it turns out, is about as solid as a puddle. You can stick your hand right in it and twist it by its guts. And your material will let you.

Right now because of the impending global crisis Svetlana is on a break from art and is becoming an EMT. The future of humanity might be more important than twisting material by its guts.


Svetlana is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA, where she finished cum laude with a double major in studio art and linguistics. Svetlana has a solo music project called Svet.