Svetlana Zwetkof is a sculptor/musician/papermaker and digital/sound/video artist. She lives in San Antonio, TX, and does it quietly.

She has in the past had a lot of thoughts about material. Here are some of them: Material gives in. The material world (in its vast entirety, seemingly solid), it turns out, is about as solid as a puddle. You can stick your hand right in it and twist it by its guts. And your material will let you. Lately Svetlana has been thinking more about vasculature and ways to be full of love, but when she sees the dew collecting in her overgrown yard, each blade of grass like a fiber waiting to be collected into paper, she recalls the love that only material can provide.

Svetlana had a recent stint as an EMT student, in an attempt to understand the world from the perspective of someone who explicitly and assertively cares for others. This is the most public her art has ever been: the art of healing, that ancient art of medicine. Yet it was not for her. One witnessed homicide too many, Svetlana withdrew from her EMT program and resumed tireless pursuit of material understanding. She reflects: It is better to twist the fibrous guts of a palm frond than to see the aftermath of the human guts’ literal twisting.


Svetlana is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA, where she finished cum laude with a double major in studio art and linguistics. Svetlana has a solo music project called Svet.