Svetlana Zwetkof is an artist and musician operating out of San Antonio, TX. Her primary media are ever-evolving but in the past year they have been sound/video installations, music videos, and wax sculpture. Svetlana is actively working on an experimental music project called Svet, which she produces quietly and performs loudly. Her current focus, however, is returning to the world of hand papermaking after brief hiatus. She is currently prepping for a series of something– unclear what yet– but something a little terrifying and disjointed, necessarily skin-like.

Svetlana’s work comes from the psychological spaces impressed onto landscape. Nooks and crannies of thought crawl out of landmasses and geologies, from biomes and their inhabitants. The feeling is something visceral, painful, but ultimately joyous. Joy requires transformation, so each piece must be a trek. Svetlana is interested in the creation of worlds through small abstracts– speech sounds broken down into their barest parts, globs of clay and sediment that ultimately build a whole mass, recycled flecks and bits and pieces of malleable materials that together form something much larger and much more flexible. In malleable worlds, emotional journeys are also material journeys.

Svetlana was born and raised in Greeley, CO. She is a recent graduate of Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA where she finished cum laude with a double major in studio art and linguistics.